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MASTER: Program details



20 Students Accepted Annually



Who should apply? Surgeons, gastroenterologists
Requirements: Only open as continuing training (no resident)

 2-year program


 IHU in Strasbourg France

Application Deadline:

 October 1st, 2020

Course Start:

 Fall 2020


Program syllabus



Basic and advanced flexible endoscopic techniques will be presented by experienced surgeon and endoscopists, with didactic endoscopic images, video clips of clinical cases and then practiced during hands-on sessions. You will learn key endoscopic procedures in a structured way, under the mentorship of world-renowned experts in the field with access to the newest technologies and techniques:


  • Problem

    To learn the endoscopic management of common surgical complications: bleeding, perforations, leaks and fistulas, stenosis...

  • Pipe

    To acquire basic endoscopic skills required to form a foundation in the practice of flexible endoscopy.

  • vote

    To address the indications, techniques and results of the most common procedures in flexible endoscopy.

(according to the selected path)

  • checklist

    To learn Endoscopic ablation and resection techniques: RFA, EMR and ESD 

  • checklist

    To learn ERCP and EUS

  • checklist

    To learn Submucosal tunneling techniques: POEM, POP, STER ...

  • checklist

    To learn Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty and suturing techniques.


At the end of the program
Students will

  • Acquire a general fund of knowledge about disorders amenable to diagnosis and/or treatment by flexible endoscopy
  • Understand signs/symptoms, pathophysiology and natural history of diseases amenable to endoscopic therapy and be able to apply this knowledge to explain indications, contraindications and risks of a endoscopic procedure as well as radiological and/or surgical alternative/adjunctive therapies
  • Acquire/improve the knowledge required to form a foundation in the practice of diagnostic and interventional endoscopic procedures in a structured way under the mentorship of world leaders in the field with access to the newest technologies, techniques and platforms
  • Apply the essential steps of postoperative care and management of postoperative complications