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June 7th - 11th 2021

Our coaches

Alain Garcia Vazquez MD

Preclinical Research Officer

Juan Manuel Verde MD

Preclinical Research Officer

Our support team

Agnes Gronfier

Education Program Manager

Lesley Chan Daloz

Education Program Coordinator

Sébastien Piant

Education Project Manager

Our Faculty

Prof. Mariano Giménez

Professor of Percutaneous Surgery
Director Percutaneous Surgery


Prof. Patrick Pessaux

Professor of Surgery


Prof. Benoît Gallix

Professor of Interventional Radiology
CEO of IHU-Strasbourg



Fri, 09/04/2021 - 12:00 NEWS

Join us for our latest e-bootcamp on Ablation Therapies !

We are facing new challenges in ablation embarking on a new era with Ablation 2.0, where results obtained are very competitive with those of surgical resection in liver and kidney. However, would performing such a therapy require advanced precision technology? or is it feasible with the current equipment? To discuss this topic, we invite leading experts in the field. The aim of this virtual Bootcamp is to have an updated virtual course going from the fundamentals to the most advanced techniques shared by experts in the field. An up-to-date pre-recorded library complements the educational content of the Bootcamp.